Our new interview series, 'The Spin', digs deep in the memory banks and record bags of some of our favourite creatives.

Techno DJ Ryan Ross is causing a stir in South Wales. Ryan's busy schedule currently includes a residency at Breathe, Cardiff, radio shows on The Techno Takeover, Identity FM and Fnoob Techno Radio as well as starting his own event, Paradox. And if it's not clear from this interview - HE LOVES TECHNO.


How long have you been into Techno?

I was introduced to Techno at an early age and it has always been a part of my life. I've loved seeing the change within the genre, the introduction of melodic Techno and the big players like Drumcode keeping the scene fresh.

What other musical genres are you into?

It depends on my mood and my environment. When I’m playing I stick to Techno, but when I'm on a night out I don’t mind good Tech House. I really like Marco Carola but again all depends on the vibe of the night!

You've started to make tunes - do any genres other than techno creep into your music or are you diehard techno?

So 2019 is going to be a big year for me and I’m starting to put some tracks together. I do find that some good House and melodic vibes fall into what I’m trying to create but big Techno drops is still where I am at. I love the reaction it creates with the crowd, you can’t beat that feeling when performing.

What's the Techno scene like in South Wales?

I’m originally from Scotland where Techno is massive and pulls a crowd regardless of the venue or what day of the week it is. When planning events in and around South Wales you need to plan to perfection as there are other events going on and not a lot of coordinating between organisers. 

What will make your new event Paradox stand-out in comparison to other dance music events?

With Paradox we are trying to create a reflection of what we look for when choosing to attend events. We want the crowd to be a mixture of people from all walks of life. We don’t want them to attend our events just because of the music we want them to attend because of the positive vibe we are creating. When my crew aren’t playing you will find them mingling with the crowd -that’s just as important as the music for me.

Do you ever mix with vinyl?

When messing around in the studio at home then I do introduce vinyl into my sets. You can’t beat the sound of vinyl via a good set up. When playing out I tend to stick to digital. At some of the venues we use I supply all the equipment so try and minimise what I have to carry. However vinyl is very much back in and once we have established our residency in the correct venue with the correct set up the 1210s will be in the booth. Some of our planned headliners are vinyl only DJs.

How big is your vinyl collection?  

My vinyl collection used to be massive - that’s when I listened to Hard House and Trance back in the day. When I moved into Techno I cleared out all my old records and only collected tracks that I really liked. I have started to build my record collection back up.

What's currently in your record bag?

Drumcode, Slam, Dave Clarke, Underworld and Cocoon tracks just to name a few.

What's your favourite memory from a club/party?

Wow, the saddest and best has to be the closing of Space Ibiza - the mixture of emotions that day....And then when Carl Cox secretly announced GAME OVER IBIZA via his tshirt at Tobacco Dock London!

What would be your Desert Island Discs go to album?

Dave Clarke World Service. He’s very unique and his energy flows in his music so this would make me forget I’m on a desert island and anyone passing by would see me busting moves from a distance.

And finally, what tune would you like to be listening to right now?

Slam - Vapour. I've got so many good memories from this track and it always gets the crowd going.

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